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Wait, I actually lied when answering that last ask. I’m at work so the last person I talked to in person was probably some guest of the hotel or the waitress at the restaurant here. Sorry. I instantly thought about a close person I talked to, wasn’t on purpose xD

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6, 8, 12, 34, 50

6:Any tattoos do you want?
I already have one (a heartagram on my right wrist) and I’m thinking of getting Uruha’s kanji or the kanji for hikari on my left one or somewhere else, haven’t decided that yet.

Don’t really have one. But if I have to choose one from the GazettE it would probably be UruhaxRuki

12:Favorite song?
That’s an impossible question to answer, sorry

34:Last person you talked to?
On the phone - my mom
In person
Online - exitreality31 and our-crime-is-our-punishment

50:Favorite movie?
Can’t answer that either, sorry again :D

Thanks for asking, anon-cutie ^-^

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deep shadows and brilliant highlights
released: august 27, 2001

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Leader - sama♥

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